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Welcome to the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (UM-SJTU JI), a reputable international education institute. Founded in 2006, the Joint Institute is the result of a strategic global partnership between two top universities in the U.S. and China, i.e., the University of Michigan and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The goal of this partnership is to build a world-class institute in China for nurturing future leaders with global visions.

Anniversary Highlights

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  • 2005.06.21
    Chinese State Councilor Zhili Chen met with leaders of the UM and SJTU at Zhong Nan Hai, Chinese government's headquarter.

  • 2005.06.23
    SJTU and UM signed a strategic collaboration agreement.

  • 2006.04.12
    The plaque of the UM-SJTU Joint Institute was unveiled. Professor Jun Ni became the Dean.

  • 2006.09.10
    The first class of 196 undergraduates entered JI.

  • 2007.02
    JI launched the winter program at the Technical University of Berlin, providing students with opportunities to immerse in a foreign language and culture.

  • 2010.05
    The first batch of the JI-UM Dual-degree students graduated from the University of Michigan in May 2010.

  • 2010.08
    The 158 students of JI's first class graduated.

  • 2010.08
    First Design Expo was held, including the Capstone Design modeled after the UM.

  • 2010.08
    The first class of the Joint Institute graduated, each graduate earning a diploma from SJTU, a degree certificate of the People's Republic of China, and the Learning Certificate of the UM-SJTU Joint Institute.

  • 2011
    The JI Board meeting is held twice a year, where the dean reports on JI's current state and the board members discuss issues and JI's future plan.

  • 2012.06
    To promote JI's development and collaboration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Michigan signed a strategic collaboration agreement(2012-2022).

  • 2013.03
    JI's first class of master students graduated.

  • 2014.01
    JI's 8th anniversary. Every winter, JI students volunteer to teach children in the remote villages of Yunnan. 

  • 2014.03
    JI won the prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award for innovation in international education.

  • 2014.04.12
    Groundbreaking ceremony for JI's new building was held.

  • 2014.09.19
    Peisen Huang was named JI's new dean after founder Dean Jun Ni stepped down.

  • 2014.09.20
    JI held a team building with the theme of internationalization, Innovation, and Quality.

  • 2015.03.28
    JI's Development Advisory Board (DAB)  was established and the first board meeting held.

  • 2015.04
    2015.4 JI established the first endowment -- Yu Liming Endowed Scholarship on JI the ninth anniversary

  • 2015.05.22
    JI and UM's Ross School of Business signed a collaboration agreement and launched the Michigan Ross Master of Management – Shanghai Cohort Program.

  • 2015.07.10
    JI's 17th  board meeting was held. UM President Mark Schlissel visited SJTU for the first time and the two universities signed a research collaboration agreement. 

  • 2015.10.31
    The SJTU John and Jane Endowment was established to boost the Joint Institute's long-term growth.

  • 2016.04.10
    The Joint Institute celebrates its10th anniversary.

  • 2017
    The construction of JI's new building will be completed in 2017.

JI Family

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  • The UM-SJTU Joint Institute is an excellent example of a successful, mature, and sustainable partnership

    Daniel Obst, Deputy Vice-president of International Partnerships, Institute for International Education (IIE)

  • The Joint Institute has harvested a bumper crop after 10 years of thriving. Wish JI to continue the momentum and create a bright a future.

    Linzao Ho, Class of 2015

  • With the hard work of faculty, staff, students of the Joint Institute has won the prestigious Andrew Heiskell Award for Innovation in International Education from the Institute of International Education. It is a full affirmation of the partnership between the two universities. JI has become an excellent platform for UM Engineering students to experience in-depth learning and living in the world's second largest economy.

    James Holloway, Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education, UM.

  • I love JI; I have never left.

    Wentao Qian, Class of 2010

  • It is my fortune to have spent the best time of my life at JI.

    Yuezhou Chen, Class of 2014

  • Happy 10th Anniversary. Go JI.

    Chong Wang, Class of 2012

  • Time flies. At JI's 10th anniversary, wish JI more glory in the future.

    Yuanzhen Fan, Class of 2015

  • Great accomplishments in 10 years. Let's keep up the good work!

    Qiucheng Wu, Class of 2015

  • Thank JI for always allowing students to realize their full potential. Under the guidance of the high-quality faculty, students keep on innovating and producing great results.

    Fumin Xiao, Class of 2015 (working at Volkswagen, Shanghai)

  • JI first attracted me with its mission of engineering innovative leaders with global vision. During my 4 years at JI, I could feel everyone in my class was reaching the goal closer and closer everyday. I believe that in the near future, our alumni will become a force that changes the world.

    Zongchang Liu, Class of 2012 (Former President of JI Students , co-founder of JI Industrial Big Data Club, starting Ph.D. program at University of Cincinnati in 2012)

  • JI emphasizes training students' thinking and problem solving capabilities. Students have to think independently, discover problems, and find solutions by themselves. JI trains not just learners, but most importantly, thinkers. I am lucky to have studied at JI.

    Di Wu, Class of 2011 (Founder of JI Innovation Club, founder of his own company in Shanghai, Shengxiang Electronics.)

  • It is gratifying to watch our children grow. JI's educational environment, ideas, and style prove the JI model is successful and our choice was right. Our children have graduated and found ideal jobs. We thank JI.

    Father of Junhao Jiang, Class of 2011 ( Junhao Jiang, former president of JI Students , winner of Global Goldman Sachs Leadership Award, Ph.D. of Stanford University)

  • The collaboration between the University of Michigan and SJTU is very successful. The best students from both universities can exchange and benefit.

    Abul Hasen, Dean, School of Engineering, Oklahoma State University

  • The collaboration with the Joint Institute exceeds my expectation. JI students have outstanding communication skills. Not only can they present with fluent English, their proficiency in such multimedia as PPT is also excellent.

    Yucheng Tang, Manager, Siemens Advanced Materials and Technology

  • We have been collaborated with JI for several years. The students' level is constantly outstanding. This win-win collaboration plays an important role in helping Intel explore new frontiers, new ideas, and new technology. We look forward to further collaboration.

    Xiaoyan Feng, Head Scientist at Intel Open Source Technology Center

  • JI's ideas are very close to Intel's. We all emphasize innovation, hard work, and talent training. Students and professors are 2 business cards of an institute. We are very impressed by JI's business cards and are eager to have long-term collaboration.

    Manager of Intel Co-op Office

  • JI students are outstanding in their learning capabilities, communication skill, and team work. Not only are they creative, they can also present their ideas clearly and carry out the projects solidly. We look forward to further collaboration with JI

    General Manager, intel Asia-Pacific Institute

  • Multinational companies really need such talents as JI graduates who have a solid and broad academic foundation, better than the average Chinese undergraduates. They are unexpectedly well prepared for software development. I look forward to more collaboration with JI.

    Manager of Microsoft Global Technical Support Center, China

  • So far, over 700 Chinese students have benefited from the dual-degree program of the Joint Institute. It helps our students develop global perspective and understand the great potential of Sino-US collaboration.

    Mary Sue Coleman, former UM President

  • Under the leadership of the SJTU and the University of Michigan, the Joint Institute has developed rapidly into a model of international education in China. Shanghai Jiao Tong University will spare no effort to promote JI's future construction and development. We hope the two parties can establish multilevel cooperations, such as student exchange, dual degree programs, scientific research exchange, etc. for mutual benefits.

    Sixian Jiang, Chairman of the SJTU University Council

  • As a successful model of Chinese-American education collaboration, the Joint Institute has set an innovative example for the University of Michigan. JI's achievements in teaching and research are obvious. As the cooperation between the UM and SJTU deepens, I hope JI will continue to grow and meet future challenges and opportunities.

    President Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan

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