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Why Giving

The Joint Institute has been established for 10 years. Her brilliant achievements and bright future are only possible with the support of our friends, alumni, parents, businesses, and non-profit institutions.

  • Groundbreaking mission

Since ten years ago as the pioneer in China's higher education reform, JI has been leading the Chinese higher education toward international high quality education. JI is the first Chinese institution to receive the "Heiskell Award" for innovation in international education,  one of the highest honors in international higher education.

Support JI. Let's witness JI's exciting development in the next decade.

  • Pursuit of excellence

JI is committed to exploring innovative approaches to higher education reform, bringing the world's best education to China's best students. JI is student-centered in building a first-class international research Institute for nurturing innovative global leaders on China's soil.


Support JI. Let's pursue excellence together.

  • Tuition dilemma

To pursue excellence, JI needs to continue investing capital, attracting global high-level faculty, strengthening infrastructure, improving education conditions and resources. Fixed tuition income can not cover or support the much needed and increasingly growing teaching and research resources of a sustainable development;  some students need financial assistance to complete their studies.

Support JI, so that more needy best students have equal access to the best educational resources. Help with JI's long-term healthy development

  • We are grateful for each donation.

We cherish every donation. We thank all alumni and friends for your support of JI.

Donation Categories





Gift for Anniversary Ceremony

¥10 ↑

10thAnniversary Ceremony

Gift for JI Alumni AssociationInauguration

¥100 ↑

Gift for Ceremony and Activities

¥1000 ↑

Anniversary In-Kind Contribution

T Shirts




Baseball caps




Current Facilities

Chairs in Student Center

¥1000 ↑

Coffee Tables &Chairs in Reading Room

¥2000 ↑

Computers in Reading Room

¥10000 ↑

 New Building  Facilities

ConferenceRooms 1-4 Floors 30-110M²

¥500,000 ↑

Teaching Lab 500-1400M²

¥800,000 ↑

 Research Lab 500-1400M²

¥800,000 ↑

Atrium about1000M²


Development Fund

Funding Pool for Scholarship Student/Teaching/Research/Academic Exchange Etc.


Chair Professorship


Endowment Fund

Endowed Scholarship for Student/Teaching/Research

500,000¥ ↑

EndowedChair Professorshipin Perpetuity

10000,000¥ ↑


Ways to donate

Thank you for your support of JI!

Please choose one way to donate.  

SJTU Education Development Foundation was approved by Shanghai Municipal Government and registered in 2001 as a non-profit organization of higher education.  All donations are tax dedutible. In 2012, SJTU Education Development Foundation won the Shanghai Charity Award as the first Chinese University foundation to be recognized as an excellent charity organization.

Detail about tax-exempted donation

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UM-SJTU Joint Institute

North Law School Building

Yuanpei Road at SJTU

Shanghai, Minhang, 800 Dongchuan Road


Rm 301 Institutional Advancement Office, tel: 34203834

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Rm 312 Institutional Advancement Office, tel:  34206045-3122

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Rm 313 Finance Office, tel:  34206045 Ext 3131

Manager: Sally Dai.