University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Office of International Program and Recruitment (IPR)

The Office of International Program and Recruitment (IPR) helps JI students gain international experience. IPO offers study abroad programs including Dual Degree programs, GE-3 exchange programs, Combined Undergraduate & Graduate Programs. We also provide intercultural opportunities including the Summer Program for UM and other university students to visit JI and Winter Programs for JI students to visit UM and TUB (Technischen Universität Berlin). IPO staff members work closely with JI faculty to coordinate student exchange partnerships. IPO also deals with the international admission-related affairs. We warmly welcome more and more international students to join JI.

Office Contacts:

Viva Du Manager
Viva Du
Office 301
Tel +86-21-34206045 Ext. 3001
Adi Ma Program Coordinator
Adi Ma
Office 301
Tel +86-21-34206045 Ext. 3003
Jiawen Yu-web Program Coordinator
Jiawen Yu
Office 301
Tel +86-21-34206045 Ext. 3002