University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)

The Undergraduate Education Office is responsible for the academic affairs of JI’s undergraduate students. The office maintains and improves the JI undergraduate teaching system. The office functions include course scheduling and registration, teaching support, and curricular advising. It also coordinates with the SJTU counterpart to implement SJTU’s academic regulations and policies.

Aki Miao Manager
Aki Miao
Office 315
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext. 3154
Email nc.ud1550554729e.utj1550554729s@nay1550554729gniyo1550554729aim1550554729
Caifeng Zhu Academic Coordinator
Maggie Zhu
Office 315
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext. 3153
Email nc.ud1550554729e.utj1550554729s@uhz1550554729.gnef1550554729iac1550554729
Leilei Xu Academic Coordinator
Lavinia Xu
Office 315
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext. 3151
Email nc.ud1550554729e.utj1550554729s@ux.1550554729ielie1550554729l1550554729
Xinyi Zhang Academic Coordinator
Cathy Zhang
Office 315
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext. 3153
Email nc.ud1550554729e.utj1550554729s@gna1550554729hz.iy1550554729nix1550554729
Yi Meng-1015 Academic Coordinator
Luca Meng
Office 315
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext. 3152
Email nc.ud1550554729e.utj1550554729s@gne1550554729m.acu1550554729l1550554729