University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Office of Research (OR)

The research support team provides support and resources for the Institute’s tenure track faculty to apply for research grants and manage research accounts for faculty members.

Office Contacts:

Laura Xu Manager of Research Service Office
Laura Xu
Office 453
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext.: 4531
Email nc.ud1550555060e.utj1550555060s@uxu1550555060al1550555060
Jason Xia Research Coordinator
Jason Xia
Office 453
Tel +86-21-34206045 Ext.: 4533
Email nc.ud1550555060e.utj1550555060s@aix1550555060.nosa1550555060j1550555060
Ginger Lu Research Financial Coordinator
Ginger Lu
Office 453
Tel +86-21-34206045  Ext.: 4532
Email nc.ud1550555060e.utj1550555060s@eij1550555060gniju1550555060l1550555060