University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Teaching Lab Service Office

The Teaching Lab Service Office  plays an important role in cultivating students’ innovative spirit and hands-on ability. We fully support JI’s teaching objectives and help students realize their academic and career goals.

The lab takes full advantage of the resources of SJTU and the University of Michigan by sharing existing SJTU laboratories and following the UM’s experimental course requirements. Based on the foundation, we develop new laboratories to progressively synchronize with the UM’s experimental teaching and laboratory facilities.

Currently, the JI Teaching Laboratory has total area of ​​880 square meters, including Mechanical Basic laboratory, Circuits and Systems Laboratory, Electromagnetics and Microwave Laboratories, Laser Optics Laboratories, Introduction to Engineering Laboratories. Also, we have a Machining Center with a total area of ​​140 square meters.

JI hires the senior lab manager with at least a world class university’s  master degree and Fortune 500 company executive experiences. The major laboratory equipment includes wind tunnel, computer-controlled electronic universal testing machine, inverted microscope, optical lab kit, hydrogen fuel cell kits, etc. The Machining Center has CNC milling machines and micro-lathes with Siemens and MACH3 systems, rapid prototyping machines, laser cutting machines and other major mechanical processing equipment.


Office Contacts

Mingjian Li Acting Manager
Mingjian Li
Office 310G
Tel +86-21-34206045
Email nc.ud1550555195e.utj1550555195s@il.1550555195naijg1550555195nim1550555195
孙玉 Lab Technician
Yu Sun
Office 310G
Tel +86-21-34206045
Email nc.ud1550555195e.utj1550555195s@nus1550555195.uy1550555195
陈天华 Lab Technician
Tianhua Chen
Office 310G
Tel +86-21-34206045
Email nc.ud1550555195e.utj1550555195s@neh1550555195c.auh1550555195nait1550555195
Yuze Zhang Lab Technician
Otto Zhang
Office 310G
Tel +86-21-34206045
Email nc.ud1550555195e.utj1550555195s@gna1550555195hz.ot1550555195to1550555195