University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Academic Program Group

The Academic Program Group (APG) is a working group dedicated to assisting the Dean in decisions regarding JI’s academic affairs including procedure and protocols, curriculum changes and development, faculty hiring and promotion, and the development of inter-university programs. The APG is directed by the Dean and is made up of faculty representatives from both UM and the Joint Institute.

APG is an advisory panel to the Dean. Appointed by the Board of Directors, the APG members, other than Dean Jun Ni as chair, include UM and JI personnel as follows:

JI Representatives:

- Peisen Huang (Dean)

- Jun Ni (Honorary Dean)

- Xinwan Li (Associate Dean for Research)

- Chien-Pin Chen (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

- David Hung (Associate Dean for Graduate Education)

- Gang Zheng ( Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education)

UM Representatives:

- James Holloway (Vice Provost for Global and Engaged Education & Professor of Nuclear Engineering )

- Greg Hulbert (Faculty Advisor, International Programs in Engineering, CoE & Professor of Mechanical Engineering)

- James Penner-Hahn (Associate Dean for Budget and Planning, LSA & Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics)

- Joanna Millunchick (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education & Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, College of Engineering)

- Valeria Bertacco (Associate Dean for Physical Sciences and Engineering, Rackham Graduate School & Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering)

The APG meets every two weeks for 1.5 hours by teleconference to discuss all major decisions, especially those on the following topics: undergraduate and graduate programs, cooperative programs between the JI and UM, faculty hiring, tenure and promotion policies and casebook evaluations, governance procedures, expansion of the JI’s international programs, tuition, and staff issues. This is supplemented by occasional visits of members of the APG to the other campus..