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Facts and Figures




Building a strong faculty team is key to JI’s talent training mission. JI recruits faculty from all over the world. Currently JI has 57 faculty members, who have either graduated from or worked in world-class universities such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, UM, or Princeton. More than half of all JI faculty are foreigners. Many are winners of prestigious awards such as Chang Jiang Scholar, Thousand Talents Program, New Century Talents, Pujiang Scholars, and Shanghai Magnolia Gold and Silver  Awards.


Our unique academic environment allows faculty, visiting scholars, and students to keep up with the frontiers of technology. JI’s research projects are funded by Chinese national and municipal governments, local industries, and foreign entities. Our research fields and areas of collaboration grow broader and deepen evermore.

Academic research (2006-2017)

Categories Sub categories Total
Research input (RMB) Research funds 59.14
Talent funds 23.31
Start-up funds 35.67
Research output Journal papers 565
Conference papers 412
Applied patents 72
Granted patents 40


Research projects (2006-2017)

Categories Sub categories Total
Research program State-level research projects(NSFC, State Key Labs) 75
Shanghai government, MOE, MOST,  SJTU 68
Corporate projects 81
Talent program National talent projects 10
Local talent projects 48

* Data updated on December, 2017

JI Students

  • Total students: 1502, including 1286 undergraduates, 216 graduate students.
Entering Year Total ME Soph – Sr  ECE Soph – Sr Freshmen (Undeclared)
2018 342
2017 329
2016 309 46 262 1
2015 270 67 203
2014 22 8 14
2013 9 3 6
2012 1 1

* Data updated on September, 2019

JI Students are among China’s best. The quality of students is very high. JI’s reputation as a premium institute is steadily improving.

  • The average GPA for JI students who enrolled in the UM-SJTU Dual degree program is 3.8, far exceeding the average of 3.2 for UM’s School of Engineering.
  • Nearly 90% of JI’s graduates went to the graduate schools worldwide.


Classes of 2010-2019 enrollment (statistics) for top graduate schools in the U.S.

Among the 2010-2018 JI graduates, more than 80% continue to study at graduate schools among which 90% are top graduate schools of the world and 95% are in the U.S.

University Number of graduates
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 10
Stanford University 51
University of California-Berkeley 44
California Institute of Technology 2
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 562
Carnegie Mellon University 88
Purdue University 15
Georgia Institute of Technology 35
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign 32
University of Southern California 116
University of Texas-Austin 20
Texas A&M University 14
University of California-San Diego 60
Cornell University 23
University of California-Los Angeles 33
Columbia University 48
Princeton University 8
Johns Hopkins University 8
University of Pennsylvania 30
Northwestern University 10
University of Wisconsin-Madison 5
  • Top 20 engineering graduate schools based on 2019 U.S. News ranking
  • Data as of July, 2019

2010-2019 Undergraduate Job Placement Results


Placement of 2013-2019 Graduate Students

The first class of JI graduate students has graduated in 2013. Among the graduates, 30% continue further graduate study in world-class universities, and 70% are employed by Chinese top 500 companies such as Shanghai Volkswagen, General Electric, and Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Research Institute, and famous universities.


Placement of 2016-2019 Doctoral Students