University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Design and Manufacturing


Design, Manufacturing.


Laboratory for Optical Measurement and Sensing
Laser Precision Manufacturing Laboratory
Plasma Materials Processing Laboratory
Intelligent Design and Optimization Laboratory

Faculty Members

Peisen Huang
Mian Li
Huan Qi
Kai Xu
Vincent Chang

Elective Options
VM481 – Manufacturing Processes
VM482 – Machining Processes
VM551 – Mechanisms Design
VM583 – Manufacturing Processes and Systems

Schedule of Courses

Fall Summer
Vm 450: Design and Manufacturing III Vm 250: Design and Manufacturing I
Vm 350: Design and Manufacturing II
Vm 450: Design and Manufacturing III
Vm 551: Mechanisms Design*
Vm 555: Design Optimization
Vm 586: Laser Materials Processing
Vm 660: Engineering Decision Making
Vm 583: Manufacturing Processes and Systems*
Vm 554: Computer Aided Design Methods
Vm 584: Control of Manufacturing Systems

*: core course; , : offered alternate years.