University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Dynamics and Vibration


In the area of dynamics and vibrations, close interaction with industry, and particularly the automotive, rotorcraft, and wind energy industries, has been nurtured worldwide for many years through collaborative contracts or projects and consulting agreements. Most of research efforts are at the intersection of academic exploration and applied practical research, with the objective to understand and optimize the behavior of complex, multidisciplinary mechanical systems. Mathematical analysis, advanced computational modeling, and experiments are developed to generate the necessary insight. The laboratories in this group have assembled specialized experimental facilities that are unique worldwide.


Computation Dynamics Laboratory,
Dynamics and Vibration Laboratory.

Faculty Members

Roberto Dugnani
Jaehyung Ju 
Elective Options
VM461 – Automatic Control
VM440 – Intermediate Dynamics and Vibrations
VM467 – Introduction to Robotics
VM552 – Mechatronic Systems Design

Schedule of Courses

Fall Summer
Vm 440: Intermediate Dynamics and Vibration. Vm 240: Introduction to Dynamics and Vibrations,
Vm 543: Analytical Dynamics,*
Vm 641: Advanced Methods of Vibration Analysis,
Vm 648: Nonlinear Oscilations and Stability.
Vm 541: Mechanical Vibrations,*
Vm 643: Flexible Multibody Dynamics,

*: core course; , : offered alternate years.