University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute



Course Instructors Language – VR111 San Duanmu(UM)
Greek Tragedy – VR120 Justin Andrews
Walt Disney in Contemporary Culture – VR201 Pamela Mansutti
Introduction to Philosophy – VR202 Rockwell Clancy
Food in Modern East Asian History – VR203 Tong Xu
American Ways: US Culture – VR205 Pamela Mansutti
Great Books in World Literature – VR222 Amalia Jiva
Film Art and History – VR236 Mary Frances Cappiello
Children’s Literature – VR239 Amalia Jiva
Comparative Literature: Fairy Tales – VR241 Amalia Jiva
Introduction to Drama and Theatre – VR245 Ryan Thorpe
Aesthetics – VR251 Amalia Jiva
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature 1 – VR252 Xuelian Zhang
Culture, Technology and Silicon Valley – VR253 Irene Wei
Digital Media and Pop Culture in contemporary China – VR254 Xuelian Zhang
Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion – VR262 Rockwell Clancy
The Western Mind in Revolution – VR275 Frederick Peters(UM)
Existentialism & Literature – VR276 Amalia Jiva
Introduction to Modern Chinese Literature – VR280 Xuelian Zhang
“Home” and “Homeland” in Asian American Literature – VR290 Becky Hsu
Literature of Love – VR292 Ryan Thorpe
American Intellectual History – VR310 Victor Rodriguez
American Short Fiction – VR320 Becky Hsu
Artificial Intelligence in Film – VR333 Becky Hsu
Performance Technology – VR334 Alvin Hill(UM)
American Culture – VR353 Scott Kurashig(UM)
Contemporary Moral Problems – VR355 Heinz Luegenbiehl
Philosophical Ethics – VR361 Rockwell Clancy
Chinese Society in Contemporary Chinese Cinema – VR363 Xuelian Zhang
Multicultural Adaptation in the United States – VR399 Andrew Yang
German – VW101
German I – VW110 Quanbo Xie
German II – VW200 Quanbo Xie
German III – VW210 Quanbo Xie
German IV – VW211 Quanbo Xie
German V – VW310 Quanbo Xie
German VI – VW311 Quanbo Xie
Writing and Academic Inquiry – VY125 Brian Matzke
Writing in Public Spaces – VY201 Cynthia Vagnetti
Advanced English Writing – VY210 Cynthia Vagenitti
Creative Writing – VY223 Nick Welchbolen
Introduction to Short Story and Novel – VY230 Nick Welchbolen
Introduction to British Literature – VY298 Becky Hsu
Business English – VY301 Beth Parker
Writing for Television – VY311 Nick Welch-Bolen
Art of the Essay – VY325 Ryan Thorpe
Chinese I – VZ001 Xuelian Zhang
Chinese II – VZ002 Xuelian Zhang
Chinese III – VZ003 Xuelian Zhang
Comprehensive Chinese I – VZ100
Introduction to Chinese Language & Culture – VZ101
Introduction to Chinese Culture – VZ102 Weiqi Sa
American culture and English Communication – VZ103
Introduction to Chinese Language – VZ104 Anna
Basic Chinese Culture – VZ105
Basic Chinese Language – VZ106
Comprehensive Chinese II – VZ200 Anna
Comprehensive Chinese III – VZ300