University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Materials and Solid Mechanics


Solid Mechanics, structures, and materials.


Faculty Members

Elective Options
VM311 – Strength of Materials
VM305 – Introduction to finite elements in mechanical engineering
VM412 – Advanced Strength of Materials
VM418 – Mechanics of Composite and Microstructured Media
VM434 – Materials for Energy Conversion

Schedule of Courses

Fall Summer
Vm 211: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
Vm 311: Strength of Materials
Vm 211: Introduction to Solid Mechanics
Vm 382: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Vm 511: Foundation of Solid Mechanics*
Vm 512: Theory of Elasticity
Vm 516: Energy Methods in Solid Mechanics
Vm 510: Advanced Structural Analysis*
Vm 505: Finite Element Methods*
Vm 519: Theory of Plasticity
Vm 514: Fracture Mechanics

*: core course; , : offered alternate years.