University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Professional Development

Course Instructors
Professional Ethics – VG496 Rockwell Clancy
Academic Writing – VG500
Seminar-Dynamic Team Building – VX101 Douglas W.
Leadership and Management – VX203 Andrew Yang
Business Communications – VX250 Irene Wei
Branding and Brand Management – VX251 Jie Li
Interpersonal Communication: Social and Cross-Cultural Communication Skills – VX310 Rockwell Clancy
Advanced Branding and Brand Management – VX351 Jie Li
Entrepreneurship – VX401 Vincent Chang
Managing a Business – VX402 Pradeep Ray
Entrepreneurship Basics – VX420 Pradeep Ray
Leadership and Technology Management – VX421 Vincent Chang
E-Business Management – VX422 Pradeep Ray
Intrapreneurship – VX423 Pradeep Ray
Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship – VX440 Soong-Chul Ro