University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Social Sciences

Course Instructors
Principles of Economics – VF101 Frank Thompson(UM),Sherrie Kossoudji(UM)
Principles of Financial Accounting – VF457
Introduction to Political Theory – VR101 David Barnet
Chinese History in Global Perspective – VR102 Tong Xu
The Psychology of Sustainability – VR121 Stephanie Delphine Preston (UM)
Comparative Government and Politics – VR140 Sam Ro
German Culture – VR150 Quanbo Xie
Introduction to World Politics – VR160 Sam Ro
Modern Asia: colonialism, anti-colonialism and state formation – VR204 Sam Ro
China in the Early Modern World – VR206 Tong Xu
Business and Natural Environment – VR208 Sam Ro
Nations & Empires since 1750 – VR240 Victor Rodriguez
Introduction to Chinese Civilization – VR260 Miranda Brown(UM)
The Emergence of Modern America, 1865 to the Present – VR261 Victor Rodriguez
The United States Since 1945 – VR263 Victor Rodriguez
The American Century: The US in the World since 1898 – VR264 Victor Rodriguez
Sociological Principles and Problems – VR300 David Barnet
Sociological Principles and Problems – VR301 David Barnet
Politics of International Economic Relations – VR369 Sam Ro
Topics in Asian Studies: Political and Ecnonomic Development in Pacific Asia – VR380 Sam Ro
Introduction to Social Science Research Design – VR381 Sam Ro
Chinese Legal History – VR440 Pär Cassel (UM)