University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Thermal and Fluid Sciences


Fluid Mechanics,
Thermal Sciences.


Aero-Thermal Laboratory,
Flow Sensing and Diagnostic Laboratory,
Fluid Turbulence Laboratory,

Faculty Members

David Hung
Kwee-Yan Teh,
Lipo Wang
Qiang Zhang
Morteza Eslamian
Hua Boa
Elective Options
VM421 – Thermal-Fluids Systems Design
VM432 – Combustion
VM433 – Advanced Energy Solutions
VM458 – Automotive Engineering
VM523 – Computational Fluid Dynamics

Schedule of Courses

Fall Summer
Vm 320: Fluid Mechanics I,
Vm 336: Thermodynamics II,
Vm 432: Combustion,
Vm 433: Advanced Energy Solution,
Vm 438: Internal Combustion Engine,
Vm 458: Automotive Engineering.
Vm 235: Thermodynamics I,
Vm 335: Heat Transfer,
Vm 420: Fluid Mechanics II.
Vm 530: Advanced Heat Transfer,*
Vm 535: Thermodynamics III.
Vm 520: Advanced Fluid Mechanics,*
Vm 521: Compressible Flow,
Vm 523: Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Vm 527: Multi-phase Flow.

*: core course; , : offered alternate years.