University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Vv 156: Applied Calculus II

General information

Credits: 4 credits. No credits are counted towards graduation for those who have completed Vv186.
Prerequisites: having passed math placement test
Back ground and Goals: The sequence Honors Calculus Vv156-255-256 is an introduction to basic calculus. It differs from the Honors Mathematics sequence in that new concepts are often introduced and extended from concrete examples, remaining closely aligned to applications. Most theorems are stated rigorously and motivated from examples, but complicated proofs and abstract generalizations are often omitted. The emphasis is on applying mathematical results to concrete problems. The present course covers the calculus of functions of a single real variable.
Content: Review of trigonometry, complex numbers and functions; sequences and convergence; functions and continuity; the derivative and applications; the Riemann integral; applications of integration; series and power series; curves (as time permits).
Alternatives: Vv186 (Honors Mathematics II) is a more theoretical course, which covers much of the same material.
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