University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Vm 551: Mechanisms Design

General information

  • Degree program: Mechanical Engineering.
  • Credit hours: 3 credits.
  • Required/Elective course: Elective.
  • Pre-/Co-requisites: Vm 350 Design and Manufacturing II.
  • Terms offered: Fall
  • Cognizant faculty: Mian Li
  • Potential instructors: Huan Qi, Mian Li
  • Textbook/Required material:


Basic concepts. Type synthesis – creative design of mechanisms; graph theory. Precision-point Burmester theory for dimensional synthesis of linkages. Applications. Cam and follower system synthesis. Joint force analysis and dynamic analysis formulations. Analytical synthesis of programmable and compliant mechanisms. Use of software for synthesis and analysis. Design projects.