University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Graduate Course Registration Process

Each semester, graduate students must register for the courses they will take during the following semester. In consultation with their academic adviser, students select the courses that are the most appropriate for their plan of study. Their selection must satisfy the master or doctoral degree requirements, depending on the degree they are working towards.

The Graduate Course Registration Form

Once an approprite set of courses has been selected, students must fill out the Graduate Course Registration Form and have it signed by their academic adviser. The completed form is then submitted to the Graduate Education Office.

Sample registration forms illustrating different situations can be found below.

  1. This  Sample Graduate Course Registration Form illustrates registration for courses.
  2. This Sample Registration Form illustrates registration for thesis credits.

Students are not allowed to register for more than twelve credit hours per semester.

The Petition to Take a Non-JI Course

Occasionally, it will be appropriate for students to take non-JI courses, i.e., courses taught by professors who are not part of the Joint Institute’s faculty. Although students are allowed to take such courses, they might not be able to count the corresponding credit hours towards their degree requirements. The degree requirements spell out the maximum number of non-JI courses that can be counted towards graduate degrees.

If a student wants the credits hours associated with a non-JI course to be counted towards his/her degree requirements, the following procedure must be followed.

  1. The student fills out the Petition for Taking Non_JI Course.
  2. The student’s adviser must approve and sign the petition that is then submitted to the Graduate Education Office.
  3. The petition is submitted to the graduate committee, which has the authority to approve or decline the petition.
  4. If the graduate committee approves the petition, the credit hours associated with the non-JI course will count towards the student’s degree requirements.