University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Graduate Student Forms

  • Course registration forms
    1. Graduate course registration form (Form in PDF format)
    2. Petition to take a non-JI Course form (Form in PDF format)
    3. Dropping course form (Form in PDF format)
  • Master degree forms
    1. Master thesis committee membership form (Form in PDF format)
    2. Master thesis proposal minutes form (Form in PDF format)
    3. Master thesis template.
    4. Master thesis defense minutes form (Form in PDF format)
    5. Early graduation form  (Form in PDF format)
  • Doctoral degree forms
    1. Petition to become a qualified doctoral student form (Form in PDF format)
    2. Candidacy exam form (Form in PDF format)
    3. Doctoral dissertation committee membership form (Form in PDF format)
    4. Research meeting minutes form (Form in PDF format)
    5. Dissertation proposal minutes form (Form in PDF format)
    6. Dissertation defense minutes form (Form in PDF format)
    7. Doctoral thesis template.
  • Miscellaneous forms
    1. Petition to choose an advisor form (Form in PDF format)
    2. Petition to change of advisor form (Form in PDF format)
    3. Conflict of interest form (Form in PDF format)
    4. Graduate teaching assistant  form (Form in PDF format)
    5. Application to upgrade to PhD status form (Form in PDF format)
  • Leave of absence form
    1. Leave of absence form (Form in PDF format)