University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Graduate research assistant stipend

At JI, the regular monthly stipend remitted to graduate research assistants depends on the student’s progress towards his/her graduate degree only, not on the student’s admission date.

All master students receive the same regular monthly stipend. Doctoral students fall into three categories: (1) doctoral students, (2) qualified doctoral students, and (3) doctoral student candidates. Doctoral students starting their degree program fall in the first category; they become qualified doctoral students once they satisfy the qualifying GPA criterion; finally, they become doctoral student candidates upon passing their candidacy examination. All doctoral students falling into the same category receive the same regular monthly stipend.

These rules apply to both domestic and international students. Some graduate students may be awarded scholarships that could carry a monetary reward paid either as a lumped sum or as a monthly stipend. These awards come in addition the regular monthly stipend discussed here.

Conflict of interest

A graduate research assistantship at JI is a full-time job. The duties of graduate research assistants are to (1) progress toward the completion of their master or doctoral degree, and (2) to perform the research tasks assigned to them by their adviser.

Consequently, graduate research assistants are not allowed to hold remunerated positions outside of JI without the consent of their research adviser. Such employment include, but is not limited to, research assistantships in other schools of SJTU, internships, or industrial employment. If a student wishes to take a remunerated position outside of JI, he/she must fill the following Conflict Of Interest Form and have it approved by his/her adviser.

Graduate teaching assistant

Performing the duties of a graduate teaching assistant has intrinsic educational value. As teaching assistants, graduate students learn to “think on their feet,” to answer sometimes simple, but sometimes difficult questions from undergraduate students learning basic material, and to articulate in simple terms many of the basic concepts of engineering. Furthermore, teaching assistants also develop leadership and public speech skills.

To apply for the graduate teaching assistant program, the Graduate Teaching Assistant Form must be submitted to the graduate program office.