University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Prerequisite Requirements:

For CoE:

The following JI courses are necessary to satisfy CoE admission prerequisite requirements. You must receive a “C” or better in each course, or it will not satisfy prerequisite requirements. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis are not transferable to UM.

  • VV 156 – Applied Calculus II or Vv 186 – Honors Math II
  • VV 255 – Applied Calculus III or Vv 285 – Honors Math III
  • VV 256 -Applied Calculs IV or Vv 286 – Honors Math IV
  • VC 210 – General Chemistry
  • VC 211 – General Chemistry lab
  • VG 100 – Introduction to Engineering
  • VG 101 – Intro to Comp & Programming
  • VP 140 – General Physics I
  • VP 141 – General Physics Lab I
  • VP 240 – General Physics II
  • VP 241 – General Physics Lab II

CoE Department specific information:

Prospective Industrial Operations Engineering (IOE) majors need a Linear Algebra course equivalent to UM MATH 214, which is included in the content of the Honors Math sequence. Students must take all three Honors Math courses to receive UM MATH 214 transfer credit.

Prospective Naval Architecture Marine Engineering (NAME) majors are required to complete the following courses, prior to enrollment at UM:

  • VM 211 – Intro to Solid Mechanics
  • VM 235 – Thermodynamics

In addition, prospective NAME majors are strongly encouraged to complete the following course, prior to enrollment at UM:

  • VM 240 – Intro to Dynamics & Vibration

For LSA:

All transfer applicants to LSA must have satisfactorily taken the First Year English Writing course (VY125) or its equivalent. Other courses required for the CoE transfer admission may help students to meet the LSA degree requirements.

LSA Department specific information:

Although not absolutely required, prospective Physics majors will find it helpful if the following courses (or their equivalents) have been taken prior to the transfer:

  • VP 390 – Modern Physics


GPA Requirements:

Each CoE program requires two minimum grade point averages for transfer admission: (1) cumulative GPA and (2) cumulative math, science and engineering core GPA. GPA is only calculated on courses that are transferable to the College of Engineering.

Note: Departmental grade point averages required for transfer admission are subject to change from year to year. For current criteria, visit UM CoE International Transfer website.

The current criteria are given in the table below as a reference and are subject to change:

  • Aerospace Engineering 3.0
  • Atmospheric, Oceanic & Space Sciences 3.0
  • Biomedical Engineering 3.5
  • Chemical Engineering 3.4
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering 3.2
  • Computer Engineering 3.5
  • Computer Science Engineering 3.5
  • Electrical Engineering 3.5
  • Engineering Physics 3.0
  • Industrial & Operations Engineering 3.0
  • Materials Science & Engineering 3.0
  • Mechanical Engineering 3.3
  • Naval Arch. & Marine Engineering 3.0
  • Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences 3.0


There are no specific GPA requirements from LSA. Generally speaking, they do a holistic evaluation considering students’ essays, grade trends, progress towards distribution, etc.

Department-specific admission caps will apply to the JI transfer pipeline, and caps will be provided to the JI by September of every year, so that students can make a knowledgeable plan.