University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Required Transfer Documents

Information below is strictly for reference only. Specifics of each requirement can be found at the CoE Admissions and LSA Admissions websites.

Attention: All of the following documents should be in English with the official seals on. For translated copies, an original official seal (red) would be needed to authenticate it:

  • Official transcripts from all universities that have been attended. (JI will provide this.)
  • Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS test reports). Order the reports directly from ETS/IELTS center. Meanwhile put an unofficial report (printed from the ETS website) in the supportive paper documents submitted by December 10th.
  • Copy of diploma. The copy in Chinese should have official school stamp on it. The translated copy in English should have either school stamp or the stamp of the translation agency on it).
  • Transcript of high school or secondary school. Transcripts in Chinese should be translated into English and put school stamps on it).
  • Financial Resource Statement (FRS). The statement must be signed by the financial sponsor that could be a parent, parents, or the student himself/herself, depending on the name on the Certificate of Deposit issued by the bank).
  • Proof of funding (e.g. Certificate of Deposit). The amount should meet the requirements on the FRS). See the Acceptable Documents for Proof of Funding.
  • Copy of information page of the passport.

Attention: For LSA students, the FRS and certificate of deposit should be handed in after the admission.