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Free reservation for alumni activity room and visitor center

Both the Alumni Activity Room at 103 of the Xuhui Campus Library and the Visitor Center at Minhang campus (north of Jingjing Hall) will be open to alumni free of charge for holding seminars and gathering.


Reservation rules:

  1. Reservation should be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Fill out the reservation form and submit the hard copy to respective office (Xuhui library room 106 or Minghang Old Administrative Building room 223. Or submit electronic version to;
  2. The alumni activity should be positive and aim at promoting alumni interaction without charging any fees. No commercial activity is allowed;
  3. The centers provide some free services which applicants can select on the form;
  4. If the organizers will bring in equipment or foods, please specify on the form and only bring them after being approved. In principle, foods are not allowed at the centers;
  5. Please keep the venues clean and safe. Please don’t move the furniture around and no smoking.;
  6. If you would like to use SJTU Alumni Association’s wechat or weibo to help promote your activities, please email detailed information and photos to;
  7. The reservation form should be signed by the organizers or sponsors. In case of cancelation please email and call 62933535(Xuhui Alumni Activity Room)or 54742209(Minhang Visitor Center)。

SJTU Alumni Association encourages all alumni groups to take full advantage of the free venues for promoting alumni activities.

        All alumni are welcome to join SJTU Alumni Association’s professional or social organizations if interested.

Ways to contact SJTU Alumni Association

Minhang office address:Room 223, Old Administrative Building, 800 Dongchuan Road, Minhang, Shanghai

Xuhui Alumni Activity Room: Room 106, Xuhui campus library

Minhang Visitor Center:North of Jingjing Hall, next to bus stop and souvenir shop



Alumni hotline:4001801896

Click to download SJTU Alumni Activity Room and Visitor Center Reservation Form