University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute




Every day at JI, I experience the convergence and collision of Chinese and Western cultures. Here it’s like a big family, with rich interactions among deans, professors, and students, which feels warm like home.

- Bo Zhang, Class 2010 undergraduate

JI’s academic environment is free but rigorous; the quality of teachers is strong. Thanks to JI, I can enjoy the high quality curriculum and research of the leading US universities in China.

- Shanshan Wu (Graduate class 2011, studying Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin)

Thanks for the memorable JI experience! For more than six years, I grew with JI. As I was used to the international mode of thinking, I have been able to face the challenges in life and work in a dialectical, scientific, and rational way. Undoubtedly, JI gives students not only the knowledge, but also the soft skills.

- Wentao Qian (Class 2006, working at Shanghai Jiaotong University)

At JI, it is more important to let students think for themselves, to identify problems, and to find solutions to the problems. JI trains thinkers, not just learners. I was lucky to have attended JI.

- Di Wu (Class 2007, who worked at Siemens Ltd., made a breakthrough in scientific research, and has now set up his own venture company)

JI demands us in accordance with international standards of quality teaching and research. It provides us with a challenging development platform and ensures a bright future for each of our graduates.

- Yuyu Ouyang (Class 2006, working at General Electric Lighting Co., Ltd.)

For six and a half years, JI gave me the most rigorous academic and research training. Six and a half years may be insignificant in this vast universe, but it is the most important journey in my life.

- Chengzhi Shi (Class 2006, Graduate 2013, study Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley on full scholarship)

JI had first attracted me with her mission of training innovative talents with global vision. My four-year JI experience makes me feel that I and many students around me are getting closer and closer to the goal.

- Zongchang Liu (Class 2008, studying Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati on full scholarship)

Looking back on my four years at JI, I can proudly say: I have no regrets. If I were to re-live the  four years, I think I would still make the same choice for every moment of it.

- Yuzhou Wang (Class 2009, attended master program at Harvard University)

Having left JI for many years, but I have also always benefited from the huge JI network; now JI alumni have been around every corner of the United States. I could not imagine what my life would be like if I had not attended JI.

- Junhao Jiang (2006, working at Wal-Mart Laboratory)

There is no doubt that learning at JI has one of the biggest impacts on my life. So far I have been very grateful for my four years at J, including comprehensive quality training, international and industrial training, irreplaceable friendship and social networks which benefit me endlessly.

Yizhou Xu (Class 2006, working at P3 Management Consulting as a senior consultant / account manager)