University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


ji-buildingDear JI alumni:

Since her inception in 2006, the Joint Institute has delivered a large number of innovative global leaders for all walks of life and well-known graduate schools. Some of you have grown into the backbone of your industry, and some have attained fruitful results in scientific research. Some have returned to the community with knowledge you have learned, while others choose to continue studies in order to weave a more splendid future.

As a JI teacher who has witnessed your walking out of JI and onto a new life journey, I am very proud of your accomplishments. I also believe that, as a JIer, you must have taken pride in JI’s recent success.

In order for JI to make greater progress, we hope to be able to absorb much positive energy from all aspects. As an important part of the Joint Institute, the alumni’s advice and support will be an important source for JI’s future development. On behalf of the entire JI faculty, staff, and your mentees, I express my sincere gratitude to you!

Finally, I wish you best for your future career. Once a Jier, forever a JIer!

Gang Zheng

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, the Joint Institute

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