University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Youth League Committee

The Communist Youth League of China (CYL) is under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to transfuse new blood into the party. Most of the college students are members of the CYL, which has a branch at JI with a Youth League Committee (YLC). The League educates the young members and propagates the CPC’s policies. The Youth League Committee should respond to the demands of the young members, safeguard their interests, care for their study, work and life, and take concerted actions with SJTU and JI’s faculty and staff.

The duties of the YLC are as follows:

 1. Taking responsibilities in managing, training, and checking the league cadre.

2. Practicing leadership and management skills in league  programs3. Giving students directions  for joining the League.

4. Recommending excellent league members  as candidates of  CPC members.

5. Taking responsibilities in management of league members, including membership and  discipline.

6. Taking responsibilities in commendation, reward, and disciplinary action within JI’s  jurisdiction.

7. Organizing various activities for young members to promote healthy and lively campus life.

8. Supervising the JI Students’ Union.

9. Fulfilling other duties given by SJTU League Committee.