University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


2015 Design Expo-eng


 Video Collection


  • team1Team1_VE450Simultaneous Recognition of the Show Playing on PC/TV End Based on Smart Devices
  • team2Team2_VE450Automatic Video Object Tracking (Phase 2)
  • team3Team3_VE450A Novel Video-Interaction Technology for Future Advertising
  • team4Team4_VE450A Novel Social Media Platform Implemented with Video-Interaction Technology
  • team5Team5_VE450Photoacoustic Ultrasound (PAUS) for Co-Registered Imaging of Bone Structure and Vasculature (Phase 3)
  • team6Team6_VE450Bioprinter for Heterogeneous Biomedical Scaffold Fabrication (Phase 2) – Team A
  • team7Team7_VE450Bioprinter for Heterogeneous Biomedical Scaffold Fabrication (Phase 2) – Team B
  • team8Team8_VE450Auto-Test Platform for GUI on Android System
  • team9Team9_VE450Lifing Analytics for Wind Turbine
  • team10Team10_VE450Thermal Power Plant Modeling and Simulation
  • team11Team11_VE450Thermal Power Plant Performance Monitoring
  • team12Team12_VE450Laser Polishing of Metallic Surface for Industrial Application
  • team13Team13_VE450Hardware Optimization of Wireless Stethoscope
  • team14Team14_VE450Wireless Stethoscope Diagnose System
  • team15Team15_VE450Smartphone-Based Tele-diagnosis System for Cardiovascular Diseases: Wireless Dynamic 24-Hour Blood Pressure Module
  • team16Team16_VE450Smartphone Addiction Prevention Applicaiton for Children
  • team17Team17_VE450Smartphone Camera Assisted LED Communication
  • team18Team18_VE450Image Recognition by CMOS Image Sensor
  • team19Team19_VE450Scanning A3 Media by A4 E-Duplex CIS
  • team20Team20_VE450OpenCL Accelerated Depth Data Processing Based on the OpenKinect Project
  • team21Team21_VE450Deep Eye – A Face Tracking Engine Based on Deep Learning
  • team22Team22_VE450Real-Time Vector Rendering Engine
  • team23Team23_VE450Showcase Contact Management on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • team24Team24_VE450Timesheet Management through WeChat Enterprise Account
  • team25Team25_VE450Customer Contact Management through WeChat Enterprise Account
  • team26Team26_VE450Laser Repairing Process Development and Demonstration for Gas Turbine Application
  • team27Team27_VE450Cargo Robots for Warehouse
  • team28Team28_VE450Monitoring and Parking Assistant System for Electric Vehicles
  • team29Team29_VE450Automatic Wireless Charging for UAV: Quadrotor
  • team30Team30_VE450Auto-Pilot Control System for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: A Quadrotor/span>
  • team31Team31_VE450Reconfigurable Battery Management System for Multiple Battery Cells