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 Video Collection



  • team1A Video Processing Tool for Car Recognition and Tracking(2014Winter team 1)
  • team2 Bioprinter For Heterogeneous Biomedical Scaffold Fabrication(2014Winter team 2)
  • team3Wireless Stethoscope(2014Winter team 3)
  • team4Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Machine(2014Winter team 4)
  • team5Simulation of Taper Roller Bearing Pumping Effects (Phase 2)(2014Winter team 5)
  • team6Slip-ring Driving System on Vibration Test Rig(2014Winter team 6)
  • team7Vector Information Picked up from Tire Pattern Images(2014Winter team 7)
  • team8Optical Character Recognition (OCR) 8 For HP AiO LaserJet(2014Winter team 8)
  • team9Identity Recognition Based on a Fingerprint Printer(2014Winter team 9)
  • team10Visualization of Scanning Process for HP AiO Laserjet(2014Winter team 10)
  • team11OpenCL GPU Accelerated Camera Smart Autofocusing on Intel Platform(2014Winter team 11)
  • team12OpenCL GPU Accelerated Video Abstraction on Intel Platform(2014Winter team 12)
  • team13 Car Recognition Based on GPU Acceleration(2014Winter team 13)
  • team14 Automatic Processing Handling System Involving Safety Inspection for Valve Crosshead Manufacturing(2014Winter team 14)
  • team15Android Showcase Mobile Contact Management(2014Winter team 15)
  • team16An Off-line Breakthrough Detection Approach of Laser Cooling Hole Drilling Process of Gas Turbine (GT) Turbine Blades(2014Winter team 16)
  • team17An On-line Thermal Imaging Approach for Thermal Coating Process of Gas Turbine Blades(2014Winter team 17)
  • team18 Gas Turbine IGV Actuation System Miniature Model Development & Demonstration(2014Winter team 18)
  • team19A True 3D Display Device without Glasses A Head Wearing Eye-tracking Camera(2014Winter team 19)
  • team20A Head Wearing Eye-tracking Camera(2014Winter team 20)
  • team4_sSmart Monitoring for Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA)(2014Summer team 4)
  • team9_sOne-Page Mode Scan Solution for HP AiO LaserJet ADF(2014Summer team 9)
  • team11_sScan Tilt Auto-Correction Solution for HP All-in-One (AiO) LaserJet(2014Summer team 11)
  • team13_sOpenCL Based Face Detection and Recognition Algorithm Tuning (Phase 3)(2014Summer team 13)
  • team16_s Multi-Specimen Creep Test Rig(2014Summer team 16)
  • team22_sAuto-Pilot Control System for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Fix-Wing Model)(2014Summer team 22)


111 Photo Gallery

舞蹈《cry cry》
One-Page Mode Scan Solution for HP AiO LaserJet ADF
IGV Actuation Control System Integration
“Design Upgrade of Consumable (Cartridge) Filling Device
Automatic Cooking Machine Hardware Design
Wonder Tap
魔术表演《Hello JI》
Integrative Android/Hardware Design for Wireless Blood Pressure Meter
Smart Express
IPP Program
Attending students and staffs