Entrepreneurship Week


Connecting industry experts and university students

University of Michigan(UM)-Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Joint Institute (JI) inherits the strengths of two great universities of the world. While SJTU is a pioneer in entrepreneurship education in China, global leadership of UM is well-known. The JI Centre For Entrepreneurship (CFE) along with partners from SJTU units and industry organizes the "Entrepreneurship Week" from Sept 4-7 in Shanghai. This week will offer great learning opportunities on various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as corporate entrepreneurship, design thinking, social entrepreneurship, technology commercialization, emerging opportunities for entrepreneurship in Shanghai and the Belt and Road region. The sessions will involve in-depth immersion experiences, field visits to incubators/startups and lectures by experts from all over the world.

Day 1 (Sept 4th) - Technology Entrepreneurship

Day 2 (Sept 5th) - Practicum Visits

Day 3 (Sept 6th) - Social Entrepreneurship I

Day 4 (Sept 7th) - Social Entrepreneurship II