Bangladesh Challenge

What is the Bangladesh Challenge?

Poverty Reduction Challenge in Bangladesh is an interdisciplinary action research project led by Dr. Sam Ro of JI-CFE. In this project, Dr. Sam Ro will lead a group of 7-10 students to visit Bangladesh for a week in January 2019 to identify specific problems in rural areas in Bangladesh and design and implement innovative solutions for the social issue (poverty reduction) using SJTU’s resources.

During the field trip, participating students will visit rural villages and households that have working relationship with our partners to observe current efforts for poverty reduction. After thist, they will make reports of what they have observed and make proposals for improving current situation. Based on the proposal, actual designing of the solutions will be carried out in the second phase of the project.

Phase I (Sep 2018 – Mar. 2019)


Phase I aims at building capacity, networking with partners in Bangladesh as well as in SJTU, and identifying problems in Bangladesh through field visits.

Time Period Activity
Sep. – Oct. 2018 Member recruitment
Oct. – Dec. 2018 Team building/training
Jan. 2019 Field trip to Bangladesh (about 10 days)
Jan. – Mar. 2019 Preparing reports / Editing and finishing films

Apart from a written report, we will also produce two films:
  • A documentary on business and technology for social purpose
  • A video report, describing specific problems to be solved during phase II

Phase II (Mar. 2019 - )


  • Designing inter-disciplinary solutions in cooperation with multiple departments of SJTU
  • Implementation and evaluation in cooperation with local partners in Bangladesh



To make the project more meaningful and practical, we will work closely with partners of academics, NGOs and social businesses in Bangladesh.

Our first two partners:

Yunus Center

  • Founded by Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize, 2006)
  • Global hub, one-stop resource center for social businesses
    • International Communication and Networking
    • Poverty-Free world Campaign
    • Social Business Incubating
    • Research & Publications
    Grameen Shakti

  • Establshed in 1996
  • Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) in 2007
  • Provided more than 1.8 M SHS
  • Emphasizing on Environmental protection, Financial Inclusion and Women Empowerment

How To Apply


Current recruitment is for the phase I and the participating students will have regular meetings from October 2018 to March 2019 to prepare befor the field trip and to make reports and proposals after the field trip. Students who are interested, but cannot go to Bangldesh, are also welcome to get involved in the preparation process in Shanghai.


  • Good English communication skills
  • Ability to work in multidisciplanary/multinational group
  • Passion for social entrepreneurship or technology for social good

Experience or demonstrated interests in one of the following areas preferred:

  • Documentary film-making
  • Experience in the following areas of technology:
    • mHealth for women and elderly
    • drones, robots and wearables;
    • renewable energy and electrical mobility;
    • online education and training,
    • mbile apps/platform.

Competency in following skills is a plus:

  • Language and culture of Bangladesh
  • Website/social-media design
  • Photograph and video editing

If you are interested, take please submit your application through this link:

Please email JI CFE at for additional questions.

Recruitment Procedures:

Dates Activity
Oct. 14 Application deadline
Oct. 15 – Oct. 17 Review
Oct.17-Oct. 19 Interview*
Oct. 20 Announcement of the team
* Candidates for interview will be notified by email