Bangladesh Challenge

Sustainable Development Challenge in Bangladesh

What is Bangladesh Challenge?

Bangladesh Challenge is a part of Global Engagement Project of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) which funds SJTU students to participate in international development projects led by Dr. Sam Ro of the Center for Entrepreneurship at University of Michinan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute (JI-CFE).

The two missions of the Global Engagement Project are to let students gain an understanding of international social issues through first-hand experience in developing countries and to cultivate a collaborative culture through proactive participation in joint social projects with organizations working for international development.

Global Engagement


international social issues & collaborative culture

  • Come up with proposals for the best way of integrating mHealth technologies
  • Maximize social benefits of promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh
Key Characteristic

Sustainable Development Challenge in Bangladesh

  • The location for the first umbrella project is Bangladesh.
  • In Bangladesh, There are currently five areas of technology and entrepreneurship:Robots for Elderly, Drones for Disaster Management, Portable Health Clinic, Blockchain for Social Business and mHealth for Parkinson’s Disease. Each of these sub-projects is led by a multinational and multi-stakeholder team.


To make the project more meaningful and practical, we will work closely with partners of academics, NGOs and social businesses in Bangladesh.

Our partners now:

Partner Click to Know More
Yunus Center
Grameen Shakti

Team Recruitment and Training


By mid-October there were around 80 applications and 30 of them were interviewed and 12 field trip participants were chosen. Including the project leader, Dr. Sam Ro, we now have these people in the team as in the photo.

We have the whole group meeting on Friday every week from Nov.2018 to Mar.2019. During the regular meetings, Dr. Sam Ro has given us some speeches the program. Besides, members are divided into several small groups and presented their research in the meetings.

Field Trip

The team will travel to Bangladesh in January 2019 to spend a week visiting and observing Yunus Center and Grameen Family of companies.

Date Itinerary
Oct. – Dec. 2018 Team building/training
Thu. Jan. 24 Shanghai to Bangkok
Fri. Jan. 25 Asia Institute of Technology
Sat. Jan. 26 Bangkok to Dhaka
Sun. Jan. 27 Yunus Center Visit
Mon. Jan. 28 Grameen Group
Tue.Jan. 29 – Fri. Feb. 1 Field Visit
Sat. Feb. 2 Dhaka to Bangkok then to Shanghai

The team will be divided into two groups and visit separate cites. Group A will visit sites of Grameen Shakti and Group B will visit project sites on disability and mobile connection around Dhaka.

Group A Group B
Possible Visits to:
PHC Improved Cooking Stoves COEL – a wearable device
Coordinated by Grameen Shakti
Possible Visits to:
Technology for elderly and disabled,A2I
Coordinated by Dr. Md. Rakibul Hoque (Associate Professor, Department of Management Information Systems, University of Dhaka).


After this project, we will have such results:
  • Written reports and proposals
  • A documentary on business and technology for social purpose
  • A video report, describing specific problems to be solved during phase II