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Abdelmadjid Mesli

Mesli Abdelmadjid

Adjunct Professor

  +86-21-34206765 Ext. 4353


State Doctorate Defects in semiconductors, Strasbourg University, France (1997)
Ph.D. Semiconductor physics (1982)
M.E. Energy conversion, Strasbourg University, France (1979)
B.E. Physics, Strasbourg University, France (1978)

Work Experience

2016-pres. Invited Professor every fall at UM-SJTU Joint Institute, Shanghai, China
2009-2012 Invited Professor at Muscat University, Sultanate of Oman
2004-2005 Invited Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark
1997–pres. Director of research, CNRS, France
1995 Visiting scientist at Caltech (California Institute of Technology)
1989 – 1997 Researcher First class at CNRS, France
1984 – 1989 Researcher Second class at CNRS, France
1982 – 1984 Associate researcher, CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Physics and Application of Semiconductors

Honors and Awards

  • NATO grant for a sabbatical year at CALTECH (California Institute of Technology, USA) (1995)
  • National and International expert for semiconductor physics and technology

Selected Publications

  • D. Hamri, A. Teffahi, A. Djeghlouf, A. Saidane, A. Mesli, Temperature dependent transport characterization of iron on n−type (111) Si(0.65)Ge(0.35) Schottky diodes, , Journal of Alloys and Compounds 763 (2018) 173−179
  • Yaping Dan, Xingyan Zhao, Kaixiang Chen and Abdelmadjid Mesli, A Photoconductor Intrinsically Has No Gain, , ACS Photonics 2018, 5 (10), 4111−4116.
  • Kaixiang Chen, Xiaolong Zhao, Abdelmadjid Mesli, Yongning He and Yaping Dan, Dynamics of charge carriers in silicon nanowire photoconductors revealed by photo Hall effect measurements, , ACS Nano 12 (2018) 3436−3441
  • Xuejiao Gao, Bin Guan, Abdelmadjid Mesli, Kaixiang Chen & Yaping Dan, Deep level transient spectroscopic investigation of phosphorus−doped silicon by self−assembled molecular monolayers, , Nature communication, 9, (2018) 118
  • M. A.H. Khalafalla,  A. Mesli, H. M. Widattallah, A. Sellai, S. Al-Harthi, Haider A. J. Al-Lawatiand F. O. Suliman, Size-dependent conductivity dispersion of gold nanoparticle colloids in a microchip: contactless measurements, J. Nanoparticle Research 16, 2546 (2014)
  • M. Aziz, P. Ferrandis, A. Mesli, R. H. Mari, J. F. Felix, A. Sellai, D. Jameel, N. Al Saqri, A. Khatab, D. Taylor and M. Henini, Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy of Interfacial States in “Buffer-Free” p-i-n GaSb/GaAs, Device, J. of Appl. Phys., 114, 134507 (2013)
  • S. H. Al-Harthi,K. P. Revathy, F. Gard,A. Mesli, A. K. George,J. Bartringer, M. Mamor,N. V. Unnikrishnan, Self-assembly of Silver Nanoparticles and Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes on Decomposed GaAs Surfaces, Nanoscale Res. Lett.,5, 1737 (2010)
  • M. Christian Petersen,(1) A. Nylandsted Larsen(1) and A. Mesli, Divacancy defects in germanium studied using deep-level transient spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. B82, 075203 (2010)
  •  A. Mesli, L. Dobaczewski, K.Bonde Nielsen, Vl. Kolkovsky, M. Christian Petersen, and A. Nylandsted Larsen, Low-temperature irradiation-induced defects in germanium: In-situ analysis, Phys. Rev. B78, 165202 (2008)
  • Bin Guan, Hamidreza Siampour,  Zhao Fan,, Shun Wang, Xiangyang Kong, Abdelmadjid Mesli , Jian Zhang, Yaping Dan, Nanoscale Nitrogen Doping in  Silicon by Self-Assembled Monolayers, Under revision for Scientific Report, 5, 12641, (2015)

Professional Service

Books editing

  • Defects in Silicon: Hydrogen, Elsevier 1998
  • Process induced defects in semiconductors, Elsevier 1999
  • Copper in semiconductors, Elsevier 2003

Chairing and / or organizing international conferences and workshops

  • European Materials Research Society (1998-1999)
  • IBMM (Kobe, Japan, 2002)
  • CADRES (Catania, Italy, 2004)
  • CADRES (Crete, Greece, 2006)
  • DRIP (Berlin, Germany, 2007)
  • ICDS (Christchurch, New Zealand, 2011)


7 French partners and 44 foreigners

Courses Taught (Recent 5 Years)

  • Mathematics for Engineers
  • Classical mechanics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Defects and Semiconductors physics