University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Yaping Dan


Associate Professor

  +86-021-34206765 Ext. 5161


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (2008)
M.S. Microelectronics, Tsinghua University (2002)
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiao Tong University (1999)

Work Experience

2012 – pres. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, UM-SJTU Joint Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2008 – 2012 Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University
2002 – 2003 Analog IC Design Engineer, Sourcecore Microelectronic Technology, Inc

 Honors and Awards

  • National “1000 Young People Plan” Scholar
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, US National Academies

Selected Publications

  1. Vertical Waveguides Integrated with Silicon Photodetectors: Towards High Efficiency and Low Cross-talk Image Sensors T. Tut, Y. Dan, P. Duane, Y. Yu, M. Wober, and K. B. Crozier Applied Physics Letters 100 (2012) 043504
  2. Dramatic Reduction of Surface Recombination by in situ Surface Passivation of Silicon Nanowires Y. Dan, K. Seo, K. Takei, J. H. Meza, A. Javey, K. B. Crozier Nano Letters 11 (2011) pp. 2527-2532
  3. Multicolored Vertical Silicon Nanowires K. Seo, M. Wober, P. Steinvurzel, E. Schonbrun, Y. Dan, T. Ellenbogen, K. B. Crozier Nano Letters 11 (2011) pp. 1851-1856
  4. Size-selective Nanoparticle Growth on Few-Layer Graphene Films Z. Luo, L. A. Somers, Y. Dan, T. Ly, N. J. Kybert, E. J. Mele, A. T. C. Johnson Nano Letters 10 (2010) pp. 777-781
  5. Gas Sensing Properties of Single Conducting Polymer Nanowires and the Effect of Temperature Y. Dan, Y. Cao, T. E. Mallouk, S. Evoy, and A. T. C. Johnson Nanotechnology 20 (2009) 434014 Featured on Nanotechweb, “Best of 2008 and 2009″ Chosen by the journal Nanotechnology
  6. Intrinsic Response of Graphene Vapor Sensors Y. Dan, Y. Lu, N. J. Kybert, Z. Luo, and A. T. C. Jonson Nano Letters 9 (2009) pp. 1472-1475 cited by 225 times
  7. Electrodeposition of Three-Dimensional Titania Photonic Crystal from Holographically Pattened Microporous Polymer Templates Y. Xu, X. Zhu, Y. Dan, J. H. Moon, V. W. Chen, A. T. C. Johnson, J. W. Perry, S. Yang Chemistry of Materials 20 (2008) pp. 1816-1823
  8. Dielectrophoretically Assembled Polymer Nanowires for Gas Sensing Y. Dan, Y. Cao, T. E. Mallouk, A. T. C. Johnson, S. Evoy Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 125 (2007) pp. 55-59
  9. Triply Periodic Bicontinuous Structure as Templates for Photonic Crystals: A Pin-off Problem J. H. Moon, Y. Xu, Y. Dan, S. M. Yang, A. T. C. Johnson, S. Yang Advanced Materials 19 (2007) pp. 1510-1514
  10. Dielectrophoretic Integration of Nanodevices with CMOS VLSI Circuitry A. Narayanan, Y. Dan, V. Deshpande, N. Di Lello, S. Evoy, and S. Raman IEEE Transaction on Nanotechnology 5 (2006) pp. 101-109