University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Collaboration Contacts

Through various forms of sponsorship and support, a company can not only contribute to a university’s scientific research, teaching, student activities, and development, but also effectively improve the company’s visibility, recruit professional talents as soon as possible, and establish a positive image of corporate social responsibility.

The Joint Institute welcomes all forms of corporate collaboration to promote JI’s teaching and research. If you wish to collaborate, please contact:

Form of collaboration Contact person email Phone number
Capstone Design Projects Chengbin Ma 021-34206209
Research Jason Xia 021-34206045 ext 3201
Scholarship and in-kind Kathy Xu 021-34203834,
021-34206045 ext 3122
Student related activities Scott Yang 021-34206045 ext 3171
Internship and employment Candice Liu 021-34206045 ext 3212
Others JI Institute Advancement Office 021-34203834,
021-34206045 ext 3122