University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Corporate Feedbacks 

Yudong Chen
President, Bosch Group (China) Investment Co., Ltd. 
The Joint Institute and Bosch have a long history of partnership. In recent years, the cooperation is getting stronger. JI students’ overall quality is excellent. I have been pleasantly surprised by their innovative ability, pragmatic style, and extraordinary vision. I think that university students should master the basic knowledge, cultivate modest attitude, and accumulate social and interpersonal experiences. On these aspects, JI has been training their talents very well. We are very happy to cooperate with JI for the long term.
Bing Zhang
Director, Strategic Innovation and Co operation, GE R & D Center, China
JI students are active thinkers; they can complete their graduation projects in a very short period of time. It is very pleasant to cooperate with JI teachers; they are responsible for real-time follow-up on project progress. When I see the elaborate graduation design exhibition at JI each semester, I sense JI’s mission and hard work. From the collaboration, our R & D team benefits by getting new insights and exploring new directions. We may also discover and recruit outstanding talents early on.
Jingxiang He
General Manager, Intel Asia Pacific Research Institute
JI Students’ learning ability, communication skills, and teamwork capability are outstanding. They are not only unique in innovation but also strong in communication. They are able to present their ideas clearly and implement their ideas in a practical way. We wish to continue further cooperation with JI in the future. 
Yucheng Tang
Manager, Advanced Materials and Technology Department, Siemens Gas R & D Center 
Since our partnership with the Joint Institute in 2011, we have reaped more than expected. The students’ excellent English expression skills, the state-of-the-art multimedia display, the uniformed defense, and the teachers’ efficient promotion for corporatecooperation have all demonstrated their excellent professionalism. Although each time the collaboration between the Siemens and JI is short, yet the results continue to be impressive. We hope to maintain in-depth cooperation in the future. Siemens will support more student activities and create more internship and employment opportunities. We also believe that JI students will provide an inexhaustible dynamic force for Siemens’ continuous innovation and development.
Fucheng Li
 General Manager, National Instruments  Co., Ltd., DIGILENT China Region
National Instruments Co., Ltd. has carried out all-round cooperation with JI, especially y in talent training, scientific research, internship, employment, capstone design, and community services. Since I started overseeing NI’s cooperation with universities, JI has been the best. I am impressed by JI students’ international perspective, practical ability, and overall quality. I sincerely wish JI would become a model of Sino-US cooperation and look forward to the next decade of closer and deeper cooperation with JI in all respects.
Zhenxin Tang
Engineer, Hewlett-Packard 
As a project adviser for Hewlett-Packard’s collaboration with JI, I think the cooperation is a win-win situation. For students, to participate in the actual operation of the company’s projects and to be able to apply the results, are conducive to their future career development. For Hewlett-Packard, the cooperation with JI helps promote the HP brand in SJTU and helpthe company attract talents from JI and SJTU.