University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents Fund (JI PF)


UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents Fund was established by JI Parents’ Association according to “Regulations on UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents’ Association” when JI was founded. As a non-profit organization composed of volunteers, JI Parents’ Association aims to promote the cooperation among JI, the parents, and the society, and to create a wholesome and fair environment for the students. JI Parents Fund is mainly used to support student activities and programs, reward students with extraordinary leadership, fund students’ social media, publications, and nonprofit website, and sponsor special needs of the students. 


UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents Fund is a specific-purpose fund of the UM-SJTU Joint Institute Development Fund, operated under the supervision of JI Parents’ Association and jointly managed by the Parents’ Association and the SJTU Education Development Foundation.

Way to donate:

UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents Fund mainly comes from the annual membership dues of 200 RMB per parent (voluntary and no upper limit). The parent should indicate the student’s name and class when paying the dues.

Donation feedback:

For parent member’s obligations and rights, please refer to “Regulations on UM-SJTU Joint Institute Parents’ Association.” (2014)

The Information Feedback column on JI’s website will announce donations regularly (excluding anonymous donors).

Every donor will be given a certificate of donation.

Every parent who has paid the membership dues will be given a Parents’ Handbook.

Parents who have paid the membership dues and donors will be invited to students’ activities and JI public events.

A donor of Title Sponsorship will become an annual committee candidate for UM-SJTU Joint Institute Development Fund.

Please leave your mailing address. When the donation is completed, JI will mail you the confirmation receipt or thank-you letters. In addition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Development Foundation will mail you the official invoice for tax-deduction purposes.

(Please leave your address or email: or telephone: 021-34203834).

Online giving

Click here to link to the website of  Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Development Foundation. Select UMJI Development Fund and specify PF or PF xxx or Membership Dues for xxx.  If you prefer to give by bank transfer or other ways, please refer to Ways of Giving.

We sincerely look forward to all parents’ giving and appreciate your care and support for JI.