University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Corporate Internship and Recruitment

JI students are well known for their innovative ideas, professionalism, and teamwork. Through four years of English immersion in the innovative curricula of the University of Michigan, in both majors of Electric and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, JI students have acquired quick learning capabilities, analytical skills, and problem-solving ability. They become proficient in English reading, writing, and communicating, which has attracted more and more recruitments from multinational companies in research, finance, consulting, and other industries.

Corporate recruiters include:

Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Apple, Covidien, GM, Volkswagen, GE, Bosch, General Motors, Cisco, National Instrument, Schulumberger, TRW, Chrysler, Ingersoll, Schneider, SimInsight, PwC, KPMG, Deloitt, ATKearney, Alcatel Lucent, COMAC, China Mobile, China Telecom, Bank of China, Merchants Bank, Union Pay, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Commerzbank, DBS Bank etc.

Every year from January to April is the best time for JI’s upper class students to engage in internship. JI encourages all students to take advantage of all kinds of internship opportunities. Any company interested in hiring JI students as interns please contact:

Candice Liu   Tel: 3420 6045*2021  mail:

Kathy Xu    Tel: 3420 3834       mail: