University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute



Corporate support and sponsorship not only encourages outstanding students to excel academically and become pillars of our society, but also instills the corporate culture and increases brand recognition in our students. It is mutually beneficial for JI and the participating corporates.

Corporate scholarships:

Covidien Excellence Scholarship : This scholarship is for students who select JI as the first choice and rank among the top 30 in college entrance examination scores ( excluding bonus points ) in respective provinces or municipalities. The scholarship includes the full scholarship (50,000 RMB a year) for studying at the Joint Institute for 4 years (200,000 RMB total).

How to establish a corporate scholarship:

A company can donate 25,000 RMB for 2 consecutive years or 50,000 RMB in a lump sum. The company will receive  JI souvenir and a certificate of donation. JI will invite the donor corporate to participate in selection of scholarship recipients and attend award ceremonies. The scholarship recipients will make regular progress reports. There will be a link to the corporate on JI’s website. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Foundation will supply the official invoice for tax-deduction purposes.

JI appreciates and looks forward to more corporate scholarships.

Contact: kathy.xu  Tel: 3420 3834  Mail: ji-giving