University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


Student Testimonials 

Hao Sun, Class of 2011
Founder and CEO of Enso Medical
The Covidien-sponsored course of Global Leadership and Innovation is a pioneering experience that affected my career and life choices. The course gathered engineering, business, and medical talents to apply their knowledge to commercial life-saving products. This is the meaning of this course.
Jiangran Zhao, Class of 2011
Doctoral student at JI 
My capstone design project laid the foundation for my later research; my then project mentor is now my adviser. Throughout the project process, I collected a lot of information on my current research area. Regardless of seeking employment or pursuing scientific research after graduation, JI students benefit from the capstone design because it helps broaden horizons, develop the ability to apply new knowledge, explore new areas, and gain in-depth understanding of professional productionand applications.
Zhengyi Tan, Class of 2013
Product Manager, Eaton Electronics
My proudest moment at JI was winning the Gold Award for capstone design. When my boss asked me about my best memory of JI, without hesitation I answered: the capstone design. When we first set up the team, our strength was not optimistic, but that was what pushed me into it. The experience not only stimulated my problem-solving thinking but also honed my communication skills, which opened up many job opportunities and a smooth career path. If I were to choose again, I would definitely choose JI. 
Nan Li, Class of 2013 
Intern at Apple, Research Associate at University of Illinois, Urbanna Champagne
During my internship as a manufacturing process engineer at Apple APO, I helped to improve the manufacturing process of iPhone5C. What I had learned at JI helped me quickly understand the various Apple manufacturing processes. JI’s all English teaching also improved my communication skills. This internship experience helped me land at another internship at Apple’s headquarter, laying a solid foundation for my R & D and design work.
Yifen Lu, Class of 2014
Consultant at McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company emphasizes leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and constant pursuit of excellence. I am very grateful to JI for my training so that I could enter such a good company. In the two years at JI, I learned from outstanding senior classmates and accumulated a lot of experience with community service and student clubs. In the course of my job hunting, JI’s rich alumni resources and career counseling office had helped me tremendously.
Yi Wan, Class of 2015
Studying ECE at UM Graduate School
Thanks to Bosch’s scholarship I am fortunate enough to visit Bosch. While understanding the Bosch Group, I also sense the Bosch technology ‘s popularity and reputation. This award is a great encouragement and affirmation for me. I will work hard and make great progress at the University of Michigan, in order to live up to Bosch’s high expectations.
Yeu Shen, Class of 2019 
Member of JI Team Who Won 2015 “Liming Cup” Freshman Mechanical Competition
Thank the “Liming Cup” Freshman Mechanical Innovation Competition for bringing us a rare experience and harvest! Before the competition, we actively brought forth our team advantage, exploring the strengths and potentials of each team member. We learned to collaborate and make progress through teamwork. During the competition, we concentrated on the tactics at each step without making mistakes. We learned to keep calm and cooperate with our teammates. Winning the championship was not only a recognition of our efforts but also a full affirmation of our teamwork. The Liming Cup” is not only a competition of wisdom, creativity, and cooperation, but also an initiation for our subsequent innovation competitions. Thank the Liming Company for providing this platform!