University of Michigan - Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute


UM-SJTU Joint Institute Development Fund (JIDF)


UM-SJTU Joint Institute (JI) Development Fund (JIDF) has been established according to “Regulations of SJTU Education Foundation UM-SJTU Joint Institute Development Fund” under the guidance of SJTU Education Foundation. It has been in operation after being approved by the board of  JI Development Fund and JI leaders.


UM-SJTU Joint Institute  Development Fund aims to establish a leading international research institute which educates innovative future leaders, to improve JI’s education quality and academic level, to support excellent faculty and students, and to promote long-term development of JI. The fund is in the process of accepting donations from corporate, social groups, and individuals.


UM-SJTU Joint Institute Development Fund is for general purpose.

For specific-purpose JI Development Fund (SJIDF), such as Leader & Best Student Award — Dean’s Scholarship (DS) , JI Student Grant (SG), Faculty Support (FS),Construction Fund(CF), please refer to Specific JI Development Fund (SJIDF).

How to donate:

There is no minimum amount, but it is temporarily set at 10 RMB to cover the printing cost and postage. If you wish to donate with a title, please refer to Title Sponsorship.

Donation feedback:

The Feedback column on JI’s website will announce donations regularly (excluding anonymous donors).

Every donor will be given a certificate of donation for souvenir.

Please leave your mailing address. When the donation is completed, JI will mail you the confirmation receipt or thank-you letters and souvenirs. In addition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Foundation will mail you the official invoice for tax-deduction purposes.

Please email:  or telephone: 021-34203834.

 Give Now

Click here to link to the website of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Education Development Foundation. Select UMJI Development Fund.  If you wish to keep anonymous or you have other requests, please specify in the message box. If you prefer to give by bank transfer or other ways, please refer to Ways of Giving.

We sincerely look forward to your giving and appreciate your support for JI.