The Joint Institute is located in the center of the SJTU campus in the Minhang district. The campus is the largest in all of China, with more than 30,000 students living and studying in a generously laid-out and pleasant area, a small town in its own right. Getting around campus and reaching downtown Shanghai is easy and convenient thanks to free bus connections and the world’s fastest-growing metro system.


If you are a enrolled at one of JI’s partner universities, you can join an exchange program. Contact your study abroad advisor or write to Ms. Viva Du for details.

You can also come to JI as a “free mover”, but you will have to pay tuition (see below).

For the Summer Term:
Student nominations by partner universities – February 1
Submission of application materials – February 15
Admission decision made by JI – March 1

For the Fall Term:
Student nominations by partner universities – April 1
Submission of application materials – April 15
Admission decision made by JI – May 1

● Tuition is waived for students from partner universities. For all others, it is 2,500 RMB per course credit.

● An administrative fee of 1,000 RMB is charged to all students, covering a welcome package and participation in social events.

● Housing costs are 2,500-3,000 RMB for the whole term in double occupancy dormitories on Minhang campus.

Sep 6-7 : Early check-in to the dorms (limited spaces/ confirm 2 weeks in advance)
Sep 8 : Students arrive/ Airport pick-up/ Check-in to the dorms
Sep 10 : Orientation
Sep 11 : Classes begin
Oct 1-7 : China national holiday
Dec 18-22 : Final examinations
Dec 22 : Term ends
Dec 23-24 : Check-out of the dorms

May 9: Early check in to the dorms (limited space / confirm two weeks in advance)
May 10: General arrival day with airport pick-up service
May 11: Dormitory check-in, registration at SJTU
May 12: Shanghai city tour
May 13: Orientation
May 14: Classes begin
June 18: Public holiday – Dragon Boat Festival
August 6-10: Final examinations
August 10: Term ends
August 11: Dormitory check-out



JI offers a complete, english-language engineering curricula for ME and ECE majors, including courses in the sciences and liberal arts.


More than half of JI’s faculty comes from outside China and all faculty have advanced degrees from international institutions.