Japanese @ Ritsumeikan

Japanese @ Ritsumeikan

We asked one of the student’s in the Winter program with Ritsumeikan about how he rated his experience.

Ritsumeikan is a world-famous university in the world-famous Kyoto, city of a thousand temples. JI students embarked to take Japanese language courses as well as a special robotics course which featured the programming and control of a snake-like robot. Although most students took the introductory class to Japanese language, there were actually JI had students in all four levels of Japanese that were offered. In addition, there were many culture sessions introducing traditional dance, pottery, paper-folding and other things.

We asked one of the students to describe his experience. This is what he wrote:

—              The best of my life so far.

In Japanese Language classes, we could always feel the active atmosphere. Although we’ve heard that Japanese people are famous for rigorous working attitude, however, it didn’t suppress passion and enthusiasm in the classroom. Japanese teachers had always been encouraging us to speak aloud in Japanese. We were also required to talk with buddies in Japanese, as English is a no-go here. When we just arrived at Japan, we could speak very little Japanese. After the four-week training, we were able to talk with Japanese people and expressing our opinions in a proper way. It was so amazing.

However, the wonderfulness of this program is not limited to the language classes. The essence was culture. In the 39-day journey, we watched Maiko’s dance with full Japanese style, made Japanese pottery and folding fans, tasted traditional food with all Japanese flavors and left behind footprints all around Japan. This is an epic written by 30 JIers who like Japanese culture within 39 days.