Argentina (ITBA)

Winter Programs

ITBA is the first and leading private University specialized in teaching and research in Engineering, Technology and Management in Argentina. Renowned for its academic excellence and for its commitment to generating and transferring innovative knowledge to society, ITBA’s programs have achieved the highest national and regional accreditation.

The School of Engineering offer two four-week study programs for JI students.

Major: ECE or ME

Study Year: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior

GPA Requirement: None

English Requirement: None

4 weeks in January/February

Students can choose between one of the following two program options:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing: from Design and Prototyping to Manufacturing (40 hours)
    The objective of the course is to immerse students into the new manufacturing and prototyping technologies available in the region. They are going to be able to use software to design and pint 3d models. They are going to be able to choose a manufacturing technology, according to product, business and market needs. The course is a journey from a product idea to the actual idea being prototyped, developed, tested and manufactured.This course include visits to leading industries in the field.

    • Introduction to Design
    • 3D Design and software
    • From virtual to prototypes
    • Prototypes
    • Manufacturing
    • 3D scan, inverse engineering
  2. Data Analytics (40 hours)
    This course presents the fundamentals of data analysis and visualization. It introduces all the necessary concepts like database modeling and design, SQL, business intelligence, multidimensional databases and non-SQL databases.Data Analytics includes lectures and hands-on training at our laboratories.Students are expected to:

    • Understand how to create the different data models (conceptual, logical, physical)
    • Use SQL to manipulate data in a relational database
    • Understand the business intelligence concept and business value
    • Use data analysis tools to create reports and dashboards
    • Explain the fundamentals of non-SQL databases
    • Identify regional traits and usages.

Either of these two options is accompanied by the following courses:

  • Introductory Course in Spanish Language (30 hours)
    Students participating in the program have little to no previous instruction in Spanish (Beginners to Beginner Advanced level).This course approaches the Spanish language highly oriented to science, technology and engineering. Students develop communication skill (oral and written), with special attention to their potential professional career. They present information and argue their point of view within debates, oral presentations and written essays.
  • Culture and Society and in Latin America and Argentina (30 hours)
    This course is oriented towards engineering, technology, innovation, sustainable development, and business.This course will be interrelated to the Spanish language course, as visits will be part of the required project.

    Students will participate in excursions to historical sites and the city cultural and technological milestone. Some excursion included will be in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

    Some of the sites to visit are:

    • Museums: National, Malba, Proa, Evita, Usina del Arte, Fernandez Blanco.
    • Monuments: Spanish, La Floralia.
    • Neighborhoods: La Boca, San Telmo, La Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Tigre.
    • Political Sites: La casa rosada, sede del gobierno.
    • Tango show, dinner and class.
    • Estancias (Buenos Aires Province), traditional “asado”, traditional dances and horse show, visit to towns.

The cost for the program is TBD. It will cover

  • Study program (Leadership / Marketing / Entrepreneurship)
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa application fee
  • Insurance
  • Housing
  • Cultural and social events