France (UT Troyes)

Winter Programs

The Université de Technologie Troyes is a relatively new institution, founded in 1994. It is one of only three UTs in France, these institutions having been created to bridge the gap between pure research universities and application-focused Grandes Ecoles in France. It has 2700 undergraduate and 180 PhD students, making it about twice the size of JI.

One of the major emphases of the UT Troyes is an international education: all students are required to spend at least one term abroad and there are many exchange agreements with other universities (including the University of Michigan). JI students studying at Troyes will therefore meet a large number of international students from all over the world, making this winter program an ideal opportunity to experience many different cultures.

The winter program consists of four weeks in Troyes, with many cultural and historical activities, followed by a one-week “free time” period giving participants the opportunity to explore France and Europe according to their personal schedules. In Troyes, students can take either one or two courses, which transfer to JI for a total of 8 credits, making this winter program one of the most academically oriented. Leisure activities include a trip to Paris, a visit to a Champagne cellar and many events showcasing famous French food.

The UT Troyes is also part of the Global E3 network, so students who enjoy the winter program may also return for a full term’s study.

Major: All majors

Study Year: Sophomore students and above

GPA Requirement: None

English Requirement: None

35 days in January/February

Two courses are offered:

CS03 Project Management (50 hours)

  • Introduction: presentation of the course; definition of a project; project management organization; group working; principles of project management;
  • General framework: model of project management; definition phase;
  • Advanced concepts: systems thinking; risk management (FMECA); introduction to quality (QFD) and customer requirements;
  • Planning phase: Financial and commercial framework; work breakdown structure (WBS); network analysis (PERT CPM); bar chart (GANTT); Microsoft project;
    Scheduling resources: overview; principles; in practice; purchasing and materials management;
  • Implementation phase: managing progress; principles, evaluation, prediction and reporting of cost management.

LF01 Intensive French (A1 Level) (80 hours)

  • French phonetics and graphics system
  • Simple interactions in daily life: introducing oneself, getting in touch with others, obtaining information, making an appointment, purchasing things
  • Basic oral and written communication in French
  • At the end of the course, successful participants will have knowledge fo the French language equivalent
  • to the A1 ability level of the CEFR.
Course Equivalency Database

The cost for the program is around 18,000 RMB (for hotel accommodation) or 34,000 RMB (for home-stay accommodation). Precise costs may vary from year to year. This covers

  • Intensive French Language course
  • Project Management course
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa application fee
  • Insurance

There will be additional fees for housing (ca. 400 Euro) as well as cultural and social events (ca. 200 Euro), payable on arrival.