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The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, KTH) is one of the world’s leading universities, ranking a shared 36th place with the University of Michigan in the World QS rankings for science and technology. KTH was founded in 1827 and today provides a significant part of Sweden’s university-level higher education. More than 14,000 undergraduate and 1,700 postgraduate students study at KTH.

The 3+2 program that JI has with KTH allows students to spend their senior year at KTH, enrolled in one of KTH’s Master programmes. During this year, students will complete their capstone design / senior design projects and accumulate all remaining credits for graduation at JI. Credits can be double-counted for JI’s Bachelor and KTH’s Master degree. After graduating from JI, students continue in the Master programme at KTH and are able to complete it in one additional year. During this year, they pay tuition as usual.

Major: ECE or ME

Study Year: Senior

GPA Requirement: 3.0

English Requirement: Varies by program

One academic year, September – May

 The following programme choices are currently available for JI students:

Students with ECE major:

  • TMAIM Machine Learning
  • TMMTM Media Management
  • TELFM Electrophysics (It is strongly recommended that students have completed Ve215,Ve230, Ve216 and, in addition, Ve330 and Ve334)
  • TELPM Electric Power Engineering
  • TNSSM Network Services and Systems
  • TSCRM Systems, Control and Robotics (For eligibility students must have completed a course in Automatic Control)
  • TTLSM Wireless Systems
  • TEBSM Embedded Systems
  • TCOMM Communication Systems (For eligibility students must have completed Ve489
  • Computer Connection Networks or an equivalent course)
  • TMLEM Medical Engineering (Students are recommended to have prerequisites in Atomic Physics and/or Radiation Physics)

Students with ME major:

  • TIPUM Engineering Design
  • TTEMM Engineering Mechanics
  • TMRSM Naval Architecture
  • TFORM Vehicle Engineering

This list is current as of December 2015 and may be updated in the future.Various courses have already been successfully transferred.

List of KTH Master’s programmes Course Equivalency Database 

A tuition waiver at KTH is granted to a small number of students for the first year of the program. For the second year of the program, all students pay tuition at KTH. More details on tuition can be found at the KTH page for Master’s degree fees and funding.

The application deadline for this programme is October 1st of the preceding year. In addition to filling out the application form below, please download and fill out the appropriate Degree Progress Check form (only the one for the year at which you enrolled at JI). The online application should be completed and the forms should be submitted to the International Programs Office by the deadline.

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