Our Winter Program-Argentina , ITBA

Finally, after a 34-hour flight, the plane safely landed at Mitteiro Airport in Buenos Aires and we began our winter program in Argentina…


Our class starts at 10, which gives us plenty of time in the morning say a perfect lie-in, some extra time to enjoy a perfect breakfast.

The first session(10:00-13:00) is our data science class.


After a short break for lunch, class starts at 2 in the afternoon. 2-4 for Spanish lesson, 4-6 for culture class, where we usually go visit local museums, and do field trips in the neighborhood.



The courses altogether are fruitful and enjoyable.

We learnt basic grammatical structures of Spanish, the elementary vocabularies needed for communication and understanding basic paragraphs.


During the data science class, we were instructed to grasp elementary manipulations related SQL.

IT_1 - 副本 it_2 - 副本

Also, we did several trips to famous technological companies like oracle and sas and attend the lectures held by the faculties of the company. During the culture class session, we had a bite of the local culture.

The knowledge of Argentina culture not only from class lectures but also from the field trips. It was a lot of fun and a lot of staff to learn.


We had a four-day break before the class begins. Different individual groups chose different destinations. For the majority of the groups, they chose Iguazu, which is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, as their first stop.


Another excursion worth mentioning is that we had a one day trip to a countryside resort.

We engaged in various activities like horse riding and cycling.


Lots of our members chose Ushuaia as their to last stop in South America.

Known as Fin del Mundo, which is the end of the world in Spanish, Ushuaia’s snowy mountains, sapphire-blue oceans and lakes was an unforgettable experience for every one of us. Argentina is a land of marvelous landscapes, and indeed every one in the group had a wonderful but special experience.




Our Wishes to our Host

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