Our Winter Program-Canada, McGill University

After 14 hours of flight, Toronto greeted us with her snowflakes…

The first week was a self-guided tour. Some of us chose to have a cozy stay at Toronto, while some energetic students went to other destinations like Banff, Yellow knife, Ottawa, etc.


Booking via Airbnb


Niagara Falls


Banff( Lake Louise)


Then, the three-week study began. McGill University lies in downtown Montreal. It ranks first among universities in Canada in many majors, including business. Students have three tracks of business-related course to choose. We were lucky to enjoy the top teaching quality.

  1. Entrepreneurship: In this course, two professors are “bosses”. Their real life experience provides students with real business sense rather than stiff theories. During this course, we were “promoted” from students to the brain trusts of our bosses4

Gary: Hocky stick Giant

  1. Business Analytics: This is a more technical course which deals with lots of business-related data, from which entrepreneurs can know how their companies operate. Geeks will certainly enjoy analyzing big data.5
  2. International Marketing Using the Internet: In the information age, marketing strategies develop. Whether the marketing strategy via internet is appropriate or not is crucial to a company’s success.



The campus is not so big as SJTU, but is comforting and neat. When walking in the campus, we felt as if we were in a neighbourhood.

7 8


During the weekend, we went on excursions to Mount-Tremblant for skiing and Quebec City to enjoy the Winter Carnival.




Quebec City

All in all, we can say that McGill Program is perfect if you have thick furs.

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