Our Winter Program—Russian,Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

After 14 hours’ flight, when we finally landed, St. Petersburg’s unique beauty help us swept tiredness away…

White snow scenes are covered around and our destination, the Royal Institute of Technology in St. Petersburg, was also emitting fascinating flame.




In the first week, the school organized a corporate visit. We visited SOUTH-WEST TPP (Thermal Power Plant), one of the largest thermal power stations in St. Petersburg and the SIEMENS (Siemens) turbine factory.

SOUTH-WEST TPP adopts the most advanced technology and can use the steam heat generated by the first thermal power generation twice to increase the energy conversion rate.

The SIEMENS Turbine Factory is the largest gas turbine supplier in Russia and 60% of the gas is supplied by it.

The students also recognized the responsibility as an engineer  (For the  factory requirements, no internal shooting)


After visiting the company, our team also visited the Petersburg Fortress. This fortress was once an outpost for the Northern War between Russia and Sweden. After the war, it was held by Russia. Prisons for political purposes. Now he is an important tourist attraction in St. Petersburg and there is also an aerospace museum inside.


On Friday, the school organized a visit to the Catherine Palace. There is a beautiful park outside the palace. The park is dotted with lakes and grasslands. The splendid architecture of the palace reflects the extravagance of the past royal.


On February 2, this is the last day of our class in St. Petersburg. In the morning, the school took us to visit the famous EA (electroapparat) company with more than 130 years of history. The company mainly produces all kinds of transformers, as well as GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear gas-insulated electrical equipment).


In the evening of the same evening, it was a great evening for us. The school rent a small restaurant in the center of the city and prepared a lot of food and tea to entertain us. This Winter School’s chief executive gave a good wish to us and Winter School’s future. ! ‘


A photo with Miss Anna. Thanked Miss Anna for guiding for us to experience Russia’s unique scenery for two weeks!

ru_9After a tasty dinner,  we finally arrived at the climax of the entire party – a diploma!  Students took the certificate in succession and took a group photo.


Travel  in Mexico

The last week we travel in Mexico. In the heavy snow, we had a good sightseeing in different places.






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