RWTH Aachen

Exchange Programs

With more than 44,000 students, the RWTH Aachen is Germany’s biggest university focussing on technical subjects. It received the most external funding of all German universities and is highly ranked internationally, both overall (Rank 78 in the Times Higher Education rankings) and for engineering and sciences. Within Germany, it is regularly recognised as having the best programs in electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering.

Major: ECE or ME

Study Year: Junior or Senior

GPA Requirement: None

English Requirement: TOEFL 80, CEFR level B1.1 or equivalent

Summer : April – July

Winter : October – February

 Term Dates

JI students participating in the exchange will be able to take courses at the Faculty of Engineering. A list of available courses can be found here:

 List of Courses in English  List of Business School Courses in English

The courses of the Business School may be selected if they are not marked “Limited Participation.”

Certain courses that have been taken in the past by JI students have been entered into JI’s course equivalency database:

 Course Equivalencies

JI students continue to pay tuition at JI; no tuition is paid at the FAU. Administrative costs may be charged at FAU. Dormitory costs amount to approximately XXX Euro/month and cost of living is estimated at around YYY Euro/month.