Spain (Tecnun, University of Navarra)

Winter Programs

The School of Engineering at San Sebastián, known as TECNUN, is part of the private University of Navarra. It is located in the city of San Sebastian, which lies on the Northern Coast of Spain, near France, and has a population of approximately 440,000. TECNUN was established in 1961, and ranks as the number one engineering school among the private universities in Spain. Students at TECNUN can earn bilingual degrees in English and Spanish.

JI has had a popular winter program with TECNUN since 2014. Over five weeks, students are able to take a basic course in the Spanish language and explore Spain and Europe.

The first two weeks are spent at the main campus in Pamplona, followed by two weeks in San Sebastian. During these 4 weeks, courses in Spanish language and culture are offered. Additionally, there is are opportunities to attend seminars and participate in cultural activities. Furthermore, excursions for skiing, hiking and sailing are offered. A weekend in Barcelona is one of the highlights of the program.

Major: ECE or ME

Study Year: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior

GPA Requirement: None

English Requirement: None

35 days in January/February

A Spanish language course is offered, which accounts for 2 general elective credits at JI.

The cost for the program is around 25,000 RMB (precise costs may vary from year to year). This covers

  • Spanish language and course
  • Flight tickets
  • Visa application fee
  • Insurance
  • Housing
  • Cultural and social Events