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The Joint Institute has tuition-waived student exchange agreements with a several leading universities as well as various programs with the university of Michigan. If your university is a member of the Global E³ Network or you believe that your institution has an exchange agreement with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), please contact your international programs office for information on how to apply.

Of course, the Joint Institute also welcomes students from other institutions as “free movers”. If you would like to spend a semester at JI and your institution has no prior agreement with SJTU or JI, then you may fill out the form below. Please note that study at JI will entail certain tuition and other costs.

The Joint Institute does not charge tuition for students coming from universities with which there are exchange agreements. Other students are required to pay a tuition fee of 2,500 RMB per course credit taken at JI.

All students are required to live in the renovated student dormitories of the Joint institute. More information on the dormitories can be found on this page. The cost is between 2,500-3,000 RMB for one entire term.

An administrative fee of 1,000 RMB is charged to all students, covering expenses such as airport pick-up and a basic welcome package.

A cultural events package for the international student community at JI, including excursions into the environs of Shanghai, martial arts, Chinese cuisine and similar classes as well as cultural and social events is strongly recommended to be taken by all students at JI. The cost for the whole package is 2,500 RMB and must be paid in advance of coming to JI.

The term dates for the next academic year are as follows:

Fall 2017/18: September 11th – December 22nd
Summer 2017: May 15th – August 11th

These dates may vary by a few days from year to year. Up to date and more detailed information can be found in the Academic Calendar.

All courses at the Joint Institute, as well as supporting recitation classes, are taught in English and only English-language textbooks and references are used. The curriculum is inspired by that of the University of Michigan and most courses are equivalent to corresponding offerings at UM.

The list of presently offered courses will exhibit slight changes from term to term with regard to elective courses, but all core engineering courses are offered regularly every year.

The Joint Institute administers its own dormitories on the SJTU campus. These are typically double or triple occupancy rooms of around 20m2 size featuring air conditioning and western bathroom amenities.

Information about life on campus, including sports facilities, libraries, food, banks and other daily activities can be found at the dedicated SJTU page:


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